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Happy Birthday Ellen
You are my Idol and Obsession since Hard Candy.
Stay as fucking awesome as you are for the next 30 years!
Danny from Austria, Germany
Happy birthday maam and best wishes
Joseph from Summerville, United States
May you have a Happy Birthday Ellen!!!! I love all your movies, I think you are a fabulous artist. And by the way...I have a BIG CRUSH on you!!! If you're ever in T-town, give me a ring. HA HA!!
Carl Johnson from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Uganda
Happy happy 30th Birthday to you lovely Ellen!! smilepopperballoonssmile big I'm a very big fan of you. blushingheartheart I'm very sorry I can only congratulate you now.

And I live in Austria, not in Germany haha. xD

I've looked at all your movies so far. winksmileblossom My 2 favorite movies are "Juno" and "Whip It"! smile bigkiss

But also "Smart People", "Super", "Inception" (was amazingwink ), "Freeheld" (so lovely blushingkiss ) ... I just like all your movies. smile biginloveblushingheart

You will always be my favorite actress. heartinlove

I hope you had a great party and all your wishes come true. bouquetballoonspoppersmile bigblushing

Love you so much! heartheartthumbs up
Christian xoo
Christian Rom from Klagenfurt am W, Germany
Hey Ellen

I've been watching your movies since secondary school and I've never stopped admiring you and your performances ever since.
Furthermore, I wanted to thank you for being such a great role model; thanks to your coming out, I found a way to accept myself, more specifically my sexuality, thanks again for that.
And of course I wanted you to wish a happy 30th birthday! smile big

PS, I'm looking forward to your movies that have yet to come smile

Greetings from Belgium
Trishia-Mae blushing
Trishia-Mae from Beveren, Belgium
Happy Birthday Ellen smile
Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States
Happy 30th birthday Ellen! Sending you well wishes from your home town!
Colleen from Halifax, NS, Canada
I am glad that there is someone who is not afraid to open up to the world. I admire.
I love him for it, you're a wonderful person. You are great, and yet so modest. I love you for the courage, the passion, honesty, sensitivity, and a smile that gives me joy.
It is hard to express in words the thoughts, to say what in my heart is hiding. I wish Ellen dream come true and a lot of love.
PS Sorry for my english
smile wink thumbs up heart
Marzena from Opat, Poland
Happy 30th Birthday Ellen!!!! inlove
wish you to have a very nice day kissing
I just want to say thank you for inspring me in everything you do, I think you're the most talanted actress in our generation and we're all lucky to be in the same era with you! cake
and also, thank you for helping me a lot when I was struggling, your coming out gave me hope and as a bisexual myself, you helped me a lot when I was identifyng and accepting myself.
I think you're not just the most talanted actress, but also the most beautiful human being. heart
I wish you a very happy birthday and I'm sending loves from South Korea. poppercakebouquetheart
Eugene from Incheon, Korea, South
Happy 30th birthday, Ellen. Sending you a hug and best wishes. Have a great day, we love you!
Erik from Hamburg , Germany
Happy birthday, I wish you a good day !! Happy birthday to you, Ellen. I miss you so much, my dear !!!
Karim from Paris, France
Happy 30th Birthday! My, what a momentous and crazy time to be alive ...I hope you know what a wonderful blessing you are in this world. You give so much light in times of darkness and that is a miraculous gift that I wish others would bestow. Words escape me right now, as I am just so in awe of your precious spirit for life and the people around you. Never give up on your passions. And never stop being you! Wishing you a blessed day. You truly deserve it! Now I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes bestowed upon my heart upon reading numerous poetry books this past year, "My love is building a building around you..."- E.E. Cummings.
If you ever get the chance, I hope you get to read the full poem. I really adore it.
I love you, chica! XO -Trisha
Trisha North from Seattle, WA, United States
May your day be much more than special, magnificent and spectacular, because you deserve only the best of life, full of love and joy! Congratulations, my beautiful ellen! popper popper inlove cake lip mark kiss heart
Ruhan from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Happy Birthday to you!!!!! You are m'y favorite actress. cake popper
Gabrielle Valiquette from Qu, Canada
Happy Birthday Ellen, you've been a really important part in my life even if i've never met u, but your work and everything that u do really took me out from some really bad place i was and i really thank u for that, idk if that even makes sense or if u are goin to actually read this but thanks honestly, the biggest tiny canadian ive ever seen! cheers, love! popper heart heart balloons bouquet
Claude from Monterrey, Mexico
Happiest 30th Birthday, Ellen.. Love you lots..
heartheartheart cakecakecake: popperpopperpopper
WengWeng from Antipolo, Philippines
Happy birthday Ellen! Wish you have a wonderful day and a awesome new living year. Lots of love ? Sebastian.
Sebastian from Stadtroda , Germany
Happy birthday the most precious person on this planet. Thank you soo much for being you. And thanks to you parents for giving such a beautiful gift to the world
Jassi from India, India
Happy Birthday, dear Ellen! Thank You for this huge inspiration You give all of us, this is truly incredible!
Irina from Arkhangelsk, Russia
Happy Birthday!! That you enjoy your day surrounded by love and affection, a strong kiss and hug at a distance and wishing you the best today and alwayscakebouquetbouquetpopperkissingkissblushing
Eliana Chavez Escobar from Santa cruz, Bolivia
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